At Fortune Scientists inc. we believe in helping people to gain their freedom back. We want people to be able to move away from the 9-5 grind and be able to retire and be more flexible. We believe that you should be having the freedom of quitting a bad job or retiring with an income that matches your retirement expectation. To achieve this, we use real estate to create strategies that produce streams of passive income. To do this we help Canadians invest in the North American real estate market. We take great care into tailoring the deal that is right for you and that will give you great return on your investment. 

Our first offer to you is to create a turn key package for your investments. This means that we are looking trough our extensive real estate network in the southwest of the USA and in Canada and we find properties that will deliver positive cash flow for you. Our packages come complete with financial analysis, reliable property management, and if required, repair estimates from reliable contractors. Financing can also be arranged if necessary. No prior experience required we will make sure that your investment will be successful.    

You want to earn 5-6-7 even 10% on your money all backed by real estate? You do not want the tenant stress and upkeep? This offer is for you. Become our bank. We purchase the property, we manage it, we make it work and every month we pay you following a repayment schedule the same way we would have paid a bank. Your money is safe, it is backed by the property. The note (mortgage) is attached to the title so the property cannot be sold without you being repaid.

Our third offer is for people with larger amount of capital. You want a portfolio of properties but do not want to have to manage it. In those case we create a new corporation/JV/partnership depending on circumstances and we take care of your portfolio, foster growth, increase cash flow and protect your capital. This system take full advantage of the knowledge and expertise  of Fortune Scientists Inc. while leaving you enjoying your life.